Attack by a psychic vampire

A Psychic Vampire is a person who unintentionally drains your energy.
This can happen when you are engaging in a conversation or in the proximity of a psychic vampire.
The attack can manifest itself immediately or a few minutes after contact.
The symptoms include:

1. Feeling suddenly tired.

2. You feel emotionally drained.

3. You feel agitated.

4. Feeling aggressive to those around you.

5. You have trouble sleeping

6. You feel very fearful.

7. A feeling of being light-headed.

8. You feel tearful.

These will only last a few hours to a few days.
The flip side is that if you are talking to someone and if you feel better after, then you may have unconsciously sucked some of their energy leaving them feeling drained.
The effect of a psychic vampire is not to be confused with that of a psychic attack, which is often done with intent and may last for a longer period.

As mentioned before, a psychic vampire is unaware they are draining your energy and should not be blamed for their ignorance.
Once they know, they might choose to change.